on transatlanticism

10.19.23back& forth

other things i want to remember

'and i want life in every word, to the extent that it's absurd'
seeing death cab for cutie & the postal service play their 20 year reunion tour was incredible. we went to our favorite spot for drinks and tapas, got there nice and early and it was the most perfect fall weather, sunny but cool and breezy. we caught up with some old friends while lauren mayberry of chvrches was playing (and did a great madonna cover). then we went to our seats, no one on either side of us, for dcfc playing all of transatlancism. he said, you don't ever play this song, referring to some of the deep cuts. well they have had like ten albums since then! but at the time, in 2003, i listened to it all the time. i wrote about seeing them live for the first time here, somewhere. dancing, dancing, dancing all the while.

then seeing jenny fucking lewis sing live when they came back to play the entirety of 'give up' -- swaying in a white dress, her sharp vocals the straightest line. we were beautiful and alive, i felt so transported to the early aughts i kept thinking i'd run into people from that era.

the year of live music has been one of the best things i've ever done.
some of the lyrics surprised me, a forgotten memory - 'this used to be my AIM away message!'
all the little things that make up a life, getting to share it and remember it.
like initials carved into trees, we were here, bear us witness.

(i also bought two tshirts and i smile when i put them on.)


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