on marriage

07.13.20back& forth

I wrote an entry and it got lost in the shuffle.

Things I want to remember:

That misty morning. The forecast for rain, but the cool, smoky mist turned into bright sunshine and it ended up being more beautiful that I could have imagined. The shocking bright greenery of leaves in full spring blossom. Saying I do.

Driving to the courthouse, feeling like spies with masks and gloves, talking into the phone to the woman behind the glass, sliding paperwork under the door to get our marriage license.

The hilarity of not being able to get married at the courthouse, having to find an officiant, finding an officiant, talking with him over zoom (me: "I'll take any counsel you want to give us!") so we weren't meeting the person who would marry us on the day of our marriage. Him telling us things will go wrong, and then being late the next day because the interstate was closed and diverting traffic. But in the apocalyptic times, we had nowhere to go and nowhere to be but home

So: I am married. We are wed. I keep remembering that I am married "for real" instead of married in my mind, which is how it's felt for a long time. We share insurance, financial information, family meetings - just us. And he found the most beautiful reading for our wedding day.


It is charming to say the word husband.

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